Collection: Raku Collection

Raku firing is an ancient Japanese ceramics technique that dates back to the 16th century, creating unique finishes and pieces. You're never certain as to how the final piece will turn out. Raku essentially creates a unique design every time, and the glazes options are amazing!

The Raku technique is essentially when glazed ceramics are taken from the kiln while they are still glowing red hot and are then placed in a material that would be able to catch fire, such as sawdust or newspaper. This technique is used to starve the piece of oxygen, which creates a myriad of colors within the glaze. Raku firing without glaze on them means that the oxygen is taken from the clay itself rather than a glaze, which results in some areas having a matte black coloring. 

All Raku pieces are for decorative use only and are not food safe. Handwash.