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Ariella Ceramics

Olio di Oliva - The Pea Shooter

Olio di Oliva - The Pea Shooter

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The piece is inspired by a favorite video game my kids used to, one of the characters was a pea shooter and looked exactly like this:).  I made the top wide enough to be able to see inside and wash this piece out well (which is not usually the case in olive oil jugs).

Porcelain fired in a gas kiln reduction and glazed in clear and Chun Blue creates a beautiful blue/ pink/purple shade that reminds me of the water in Liguria:). 

The cork top is new and fits well.   The glaze at the bottom ran down the pot and had to be sanded down with a Dremel. 

Dimensions: 3.25"w x 3.75"w (including the spout) x 5.25"h

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