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Ariella Ceramics

Un Plat Plat

Un Plat Plat

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Wide-rim, straight-sided bowls are perfect for almost anything!  I find this shape usual for salad, pasta, side dishes, and protein.  Your food may cool down faster, however, you'll avoid the sloppy mess of breakage and crushing your beautiful meal.

Here, I have a simple green salad, clean and crisp to accompany your fondue; greens, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and s/p.  You'll need acidity and freshness to balance out all that heavy cheese and meat. :)

All of the pieces in this collection are made with a clay body called woodfire and fired in a gas kiln to cone 10, at reduction.  Glazed in Charlie D White, which is not really white at all, the pieces come out creamy when lightly glazed and darker yellow/orange in thicker spots. 

Dimensions 8.5'w x 1.5'h

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