Small batch ceramics and pots, thrown on the wheel, altered and hand built. All of my pieces are made in my home studio and fired in various kilns. I'm inspired by food, cooking and travel. My passions come together in creating the perfect pottery for chefs and everyday cooks. Every pot in your kitchen should have purpose and use!

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Intro To My Studio

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Langhe & Piedmont

This collection is made up of pieces exploring the clay's texture; bare... 

Sustainability in Pottery & Food

In my home studio, just like in my kitchen, I use everything and throw little away. I recycle my used clay into reclaim so that nothing goes to waste. I fire my pieces in a communal kiln, to save on electricty and gas. I re-use and re-purpose tools, crafts and jewlery pieces into new items. I do not buy any new plastics and instead re-use as much packing material as possible.

Raku Collection

Raku firing is an ancient Japanese ceramics technique that dates back to the...