about [me]

I'm a Pastry Chef turned Potter.

Food is a BIG part of my life! I see, experience and understand life through cooking and food. I love to travel and eat. I studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris many moons ago. I went on to work in fine dinning restaurants in NYC, I built a wedding cake business in Montreal and started a now defunct chocolate business called Cocoa Designs in San Francisco.

I settled down and out of professional kitchens with 3 little ones and became the best baker at school bake sales. Since then, I've been keeping my hands busy and messy in clay.

I like to build, I like to play and I like to eat. All of these things come together nicely for me in ceramics:)

Pots with a Purpose

Every pot in your kitchen should have a purpose. Stackable, easy to store and multi-use. I like to make beautiful object to use every day.