Orders ship in 2-3 days, we will notify you as soon as your package is shipped.  We ship in clean, re-used and recyclable shipping material. 


Returns & Refunds

Returns are not accepted. Unfortunately, our studio is too small and cannot afford to pay for returns and/or possible breakage. If you're local and would like to exchange your piece for another, that is totally fine.  I hope you enjoy your pottery as much as I loved making it!


Caring for your Pots

All pots are food safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe - unless otherwise indicated.  All of my pieces are handmade, high-fired ceramics, meaning they are not mass produced and will chip over time, with regular use.  Treats your pottery will care and hand wash your pieces so that retain as much of the glossy glaze finish.  All of my pots are made to be enjoyed, used - life's short! eat good food in beautiful pots!
All pieces are one of a kind and may vary in color or shape and may not be exactly as shown in the picture, due to my poor photography and the magic of the kiln gods.